Remal Royal Centre,
3rd Floor Umm Ghuwailina,
P.O Box : 32063, Doha Qatar.


The management is committed to the development and implementation of the documented quality management system and to continually improve the effectiveness of the system by:

  • Communicating to all levels of the organization the importance of meeting the customer requirements with quality services and timely delivery, through regular meetings, memos, notices etc.
  • Meeting and fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements by ensuring that those performing the activities are made aware of these requirements and the Compliance is ensured through adequate supervision.
  • Appropriate training, identified through Training Procedure
  • Display of quality policy and making everyone understand the policy and purpose of the organization
  • Deployment of functional or departmental objectives across all levels and periodical monitoring of the performance.
  • Management review meetings
  • Internal quality audits
  • Customer complaints analysis
  • Reviewing and ensuring the availability of resources during Management Review Meeting

Management Representative ensures that all the personnel responsible for the above functions are trained and competent. The Manager is responsible for providing the resources required for maintaining quality management system.

All managers demonstrate their commitment to the development and improvement of the QMS through the provision of necessary resources, through their involvement in the internal audit process, and through their proactive involvement in our continual improvement activities where emphasis is placed on improving both effectiveness and efficiency of our key QMS processes

Customer Focus

Top management of Qatar Masters ensures a proper customer focus is established and maintained through the following activities;

  • Customer complaints and other customer input/feedback are continually monitored and measured to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We continually look for other ways to interact directly with individual customers/clients to ensure a proper focus to their unique needs/expectations is established and maintained: e.g. customer visits, meetings, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction survey is being carried out on regular basis by Technical Support Team to identify the areas to be improved.
  • Providing information related to the services through brochures, company profile etc.


Quality Objectives

Quality objectives at functional level are identified across the organization and documented in consistency with the documented quality policy. The Manager in coordination with Management Representative (MR) reviews (and revises where needed) these measurable parameters in the management review meeting when there are changes in the existing product requirements. Quality objectives at functional level are defined and organization chart defining the functions are explained through organization chart Functional objectives are measured and monitored on a periodic basis by the relevant section heads in coordination with Management Representative and reported to the Manager during Management Review Meetings.

We are also committed to

Engaging on the contract only such persons as are skilled, experienced and competent in the performance of their trade. • Ensuring that ‘suitable and sufficient’ Risk Assessments are carried out and significant findings recorded prior to commencement of any work, along with appropriate Method Statement. • Ensuring that all work is carried out to the highest standards of safety and quality • Providing all our employees with suitable protective clothing and P.P.E.